Prosecutors have added espionage to the list of charges faced by Zofimo Muiuane, the man accused of murdering his wife, Valentina Guebuza, daughter of former Mozambican President Armando Guebuza, in December, according to media reports here.

In addition to the Office of the Public Prosecutor, there is a private prosecution of Muiuane, and it is the private prosecution which has raised the accusation of espionage.

Muiuane had set up a company called “Spy Master Mocambique”, which, in its registration documents, announced that it would sell all manner of security and espionage equipment. The company was set up on Nov 16, 2016, just 30 days before Muiuane allegedly killed his wife. The partners were Muiuane and two as yet unnamed Korean citizens.

The flat in the Maputo neighbourhood of Coop, where Muiuane had lived before his marriage with Valentina in 2014, was turned into the offices of “Spy Master”. It was here that the police found four illegal firearms, believed to be the property of Muiuane.

At the time Muiuane had informed the neighbourhood authorities that he was renting the flat out, as a residence. He did not reveal that it had become the office of a company he owned.

When the differences between Muiuane and Valentina became apparently irreconcilable, it was suggested that the couple separate and that Muiuane return to the flat in Coop. He refused, on the grounds that the flat had been rented out.

The prosecution has now sent a request to the Maputo City Court and to the Ministry of Justice, asking “who authorized the formation of the company Spy Master Mocambique?”

The charges against Muiuane raised by the private prosecution now include first degree murder, espionage, and the use of a forged document. This refers to an identity document in the name of Washington Dube, but bearing the photo of Muiuane, which police found in the Coop flat.

The City Court has requested the South African High Commission (Embassy) in Maputo for any information it may have about the Washington Dube document.