Mozambican medics suspend strike but issue warning

Mozambican doctors and other health workers have suspended a strike that has been going on for more than a month and paralysed public health services.

It comes hours after President Filipe Nyusi appealed to the health professionals to resume work to safeguard the health of Mozambicans.

He said the strike had caused a lot of suffering and contributed to a reduction in productivity.

The chairman of the country’s medical association, Milton Tatia, said the creation of a new negotiations team, led by Prime Minister Adriano Maleiane, had made them decide to return to work.

However, he said they would resume the strike in October if there is no progress in the negotiations.

The health workers have been demanding better wages and working conditions.

They have also raised concerns about inadequate food for patients, lack of medicine and equipment in some hospitals.

The strike, which began on 10 July, involved more than 2,000 health professionals from across the country.

Source: BBC