The Mozambican government has re-assured consumers that the fuel supply situation in the country is under control and that there is no reason for alarm.

The national director for fuel at the Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy, Moises Paulino, told a media conference here Monday that some filling stations in Maputo, Matola and Beira had run out of fuel but blamed this on disturbances in the logistical chain which would be overcome by Monday afternoon.

Paulino had given similar assurances on Saturday, but the shortages, particularly in Matola, worsened over the weekend, sending frustrated motorists on a hunt through the city looking for any filling station which still had petrol.

The logistical problem mentioned by Paulino is a delay in the ships carrying fuel to the main Mozambican ports of Maputo, Beira and Nacala.

Unlike claims made in social media and other circles of opinion, we would like to assure you that there are enough stocks to guarantee fuel supplies in the country, he said. Ships were unloading fuel in Maputo and Beira in amounts sufficient to supply the market, he added.

Paulino said as soon as the Ministry saw that filling stations were running out we worked with the distribution companies and with all those involved in this process to restore the stocks of fuel”.

“Our idea was to restore the stocks by Sunday, but everything indicates that we will only be able to do it completely today, he added.