ANCUABE, MOZAMBIQUE, The Mozambican government is working to re-activate the graphite processing plant in Ancuabe, in the northern province of Cabo Delgado, says President Filipe Nyusi.

Addressing a rally at Meza administrative post on Friday, he recalled that Ancuabe’s known mineral wealth included deposits, not only of graphite, but also of gold and of various precious and semi-precious stones.

We are working to re-activate your graphite factory. I think that at any moment we shall re-inaugurate the factory. Many Mozambicans will go there to work, he said.

He urged artisanal miners in the district to organize themselves so that their small-scale mining is done safely and brings money, rather than deaths as is happening now.

Mining, Nyusi said, results in revenue for the State through the taxes paid by mining companies, but it also benefits local communities through the social responsibility projects of the companies, such as construction of schools, hospitals and other social facilities. That’s why we have to cherish these projects,” he said.

Graphite production resumed in Ancuabe in 1994, after foreign investment of about 12 million US dollars. But a few years later, the factory was mothballed, because it had no access to the national electricity grid, and it was too expensive to rely on diesel-fired generators to operate the equipment.

However, the national electricity grid has now reached Ancuabe, and Nyusi regarded this as a major incentive for the re-opening of the graphite processing plant.