MAPUTO, Feb 18 (NNN-AIM) — The Mozambican government has promised to take a range of measures to restore and maintain effective peace and to establish conditions which will allow Mozambican refugees in neighbouring Malawi to return home.

Speaking to reporters after the weekly meeting of the Council of Ministers (Cabinet) here Tuesday, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism and Government Spokesperson Ana Comoana said a government delegation headed by Foreign Minister Oldemiro Baloi had visited Malawi last week.

The delegation found there were now about 5,000 Mozambican refugees in Malawi and concluded there were two reasons for these citizens to flee from the western Mozambican province of Tete into Malawi.

One was the clashes between the defence and security forces and gunmen of the former rebel movement Renamo, and the other was the severe drought which has struck parts of Tete Province.

Comoana added that Baloi’s delegation had found that minimum conditions for survival existed in the accommodation centre for the refugees set up at Kapese by the Malawian authorities.

The government, she said, would continue to work to maintain peace, and to establish living conditions which would allow the refugees to return to their areas of origin.

“The government will take measures that prioritise the creation of improved basic conditions in the places where these Mozambicans come from,” she said.

Source: AIM