MAPUTO, The Mozambican government has approved the terms and conditions for two port terminals to be built to support the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry in the northern province of Cabo Delgado.

One is the LNG Maritime Terminal, and the other consists of the installations to be used to unload materials for the construction of proposed LNG plants. Two new companies will be set up to operate the terminals, namely the Mozambique LNG Marine Terminal Company and Sociedade Mozambique MOF.

At its weekly meeting here Tuesday, the Council of Ministers (Cabinet) approved the details of the contract under which the government will lease the terminals to the two companies.

Both terminals will be built in Palma District, the nearest point on the mainland to the offshore gas fields discovered in the Rovuma Basin. They will be controlled by the two operators — the American company Anadarko, the operator of Rovuma Basin Area One, and the Italian energy firm ENI, the operator of Area Four.

Briefing the media on the outcomes of the Cabinet meeting, Government spokesperson Ana Comoana, who is the Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, said the terminals would make viable the transport of LNG in accordance with the best international practices.

These two instruments are complementary and they seek to make operational a decree-law that was approved in 2014. What is at stake here is clarifying the procedures, she said.

Anadarko and ENI would share the same facilities, she said instead of each of the operators setting up their own infrastructures. This sharing should extend to other operators which may emerge in the natural gas area in the future, allowing the rational use of space, and creating conditions for environmental sustainability.”