Mozambican authorities predict floods in southern provinces due to heavy rainfall

MAPUTO— Mozambican authorities on Thursday predicted the continuation of flooding in several districts of the country’s southern provinces of Maputo and Gaza, as a result of the recent heavy rainfall in the country and its neighbors.

The remarks were made by Agostinho Vilanculos, an official of the National Directorate of Water Resources Management, at a press conference in the Mozambican capital of Maputo.

He said the reservoirs behind main dams in neighboring South Africa and Eswatini currently have reached 100 percent of their storage capacity, with water continuously flowing into the rivers of Umbeluze, Maputo, Inkomati and Limpopo in Mozambique, calling for the urgent evacuation of communities that live or practice agricultural activities on the banks of those rivers.

Around 2.2 million people could be impacted by floods across the country during the current rainy season (October to March), said the official.

In a document distributed to the press Thursday, the National Institute of Meteorology also warned of the occurrence of thunderstorms and heavy rains across the southern part of the country from Friday to Sunday.