Moxico: Luena gains new electric substation

Luena – A new electric substation with capacity for 12 Megawatts (MW) was Wednesday, in Luena, inaugurated by the Minister of National Defense, JoAPound o Lourenco.

The substation will allow the expansion of the power distribution network, from the Chiumbue hydroelectric project, built in the Dala municipality, Lunda Sul province, also inaugurated today (Wednesday).

The substation will interconnect two centers, the production and distribution center of the city of Luena, which currently has an electricity output of 20 MW.

The substation was built on a total area of 74 meters by 13 and has installed two transformers of 110 and 15 kilowatts, and each transformer has the capacity of 10 MVA.

The work is valued at more than USD 50 million and was built in 28 months, involving 309 workers, 230 of whom are nationals and 79 expatriates.

Source: Angola Press News Agency