Moxico: Farmers get seeds

The distribution of agricultural seeds is part of the Rural Development Extension Programme (PEDR) and serves to stimulate rural people to increase their production, and thus reduce hunger, said to Angop the municipal director of agriculture, Coji Zanquilo.

Cassava, maize, bean, potato, peanuts, yams, vegetables and citrus fruits are the main agricultural products grown in Camanongue municipality, which currently controls 10 agricultural associations, two cooperatives and 52 small producers.

The peasants are expected to harvest 9.243 tons of cassava, 1.930 tons of maize, 965 tons of beans, 965 tons of peanuts, 975 tons of potatoes and 96 tons of rice.

The seed offer was a joint gesture between the municipal directorate of agriculture and the Agrarian Development Station (EDA).

Source: Angola Press News Agency