Moxico: Chiumbue dam preserves environment

Luena – The Chiumbue waterfalls, animal species, birds and the green waist surrounding Chiumbue hydroelectric power were preserved, maintaining the balance and environmental safety of Dala municipality, eastern Lunda Sul province.

The hydroelectric power station is situated in a descending zone of the river Chiumbue and agglutination with the falls of the waters, a noble area inhabited by birds of several species and separated by hydraulic circuit in load lined with concrete slab.

Among the animals in the area, there are storks, monkeys, snakes, boa constrictors, goat of the bush, alligators in the mouth of the river and other creeping animals that were not disturbed even with the construction of the forced conduits of the dam that were installed in the lateral margin of river Chiumbue, passing through the forests.

All animals, according to their presentation, survived healthy and safe, for the sake of nature, the environment for the preservation of fauna and flora, one of the country’s greatest riches, especially in the eastern region (Moxico, Lunda Sul and Lunda Norte).

The most beautiful part of the river Chiumbue and of the falls were also maintained their tourist landscape, according to the competence of the contractor that preferred to divert the waves: One to supply energy to the three generator sets installed and others to foment internal external tourism.

The green waistline remains alive, from the threshold (the initial part of the dam) implanted in a hydrographic basin of 2100 square kilometers to the hydroelectric power station (final part).

Source: Angola Press News Agency