Ministers assess Cuito Cuanavale Battle’s Memorial works

Menongue – The Memorial on Victory of the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale in southern Cuando Cubango province in homage to the bravery of the heroes of 1988, whose works are in a physical execution in around 85 percent, will be unveiled within four months.

The minister of Finance Archer Mangueira who is leading a ministerial delegation travelled Wednesday to Cuito Cuanavale aimed to assess the physical execution of the government’s work.

Acher Mangueira visited the project, together with the governor of Cuando Cubango, Pedro Mutindi, Minister of Urbanism and Housing, Branca Manuela do Espirito Santo and members of the local government.

Alongside the work, the government delegation visited the Tumpo Triangle, the three tanks left by the South African troop during the historic battle of 1988.

Speaking to journalists, the minister of Finance Archer Mangueira explained that the objective was to verify the execution of the project in progress in that historic locality, as well as of some difficulties that the contractor has faced.

He said that it was possible to verify that there are already solutions from the ministry and at local level regarding the monument of Cuito Cuanavale, as well as a set of related projects.

The Minister informed that Cuito Cuanavale is part of an integrated corridor, with special attention to the rehabilitation of the special ravine program at the airport.

Source: Angola Press News Agency