Minister stresses ANGOTIC role in diversification of economy

Angolan minister of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication (MINTTIC) Mário Oliveira Wednesday pointed to the diversification of the economy and the transformation of Angola into an unavoidable hub (centre) for communications to and from Africa as goal of ANGOTIC – International Forum of Information and Communication Technologies of Angola.

Mário Oliveira highlighted the importance of ANGOTIC at the opening ceremony of the launch of the forum, scheduled for June 12- 14, 2023.

In his speech, the minister said ANGOTIC will serve to reflect on the potential and development of ICT for new business solutions, give visibility to the skills of the national and international market, with important consequences in the generation of employment, income and quality of life.

Mário Oliveira said that ANGOTIC-2023 promises, despite the geopolitical and economic challenges facing the world, to be an event of reference African technology, combining the unrivaled content of a forum with a great exposure, as well as a networking opportunity.

Now with the exhibition, of an international nature, he added, companies and organisations will have the opportunity to exhibit innovative products, technologies and applications, showing new products developed by IT companies, which allow to improve management, improve the quality of products and services, increase productivity, build customer loyalty and facilitate decision-making.

Regarding networking, he said established technology service providers, public and private sector decision makers, business ICT technology integrators and users, as well as disruptive startups with unique requirements, will come together to create important networks and build valuable partnerships.

“ANGOTIC serves as a catalyst for collaboration and competition between foreign and local technology companies and a multitude of partners in the ICT ecosystem”, he stressed.

He added that the event will allow for the creation of an enabling and attractive environment for private investment and the promotion of public-private partners so that, “in a win-win relationship (in which everyone wins), we have services that increasingly facilitate the lives of citizens and businesses, as well as the implementation of a simplified, robust, ecological and intelligent ICT infrastructure, towards the digital transformation of Angola”.

The official launched a challenge to everyone in order to point out the creativity to link this event, eminently technological, with the tourist potential that Luanda and surroundings present.

The forum will be “in line with the best practices to support the costs of undertakings of this magnitude, we have established several levels of partnerships allowing the possibility of special attention and differentiated benefits to regular and new partners, depending on their level of engagement”.

He added that pre-defined criteria will be followed, representing the highly dynamic Angolan youth entrepreneurship ecosystem, with international awards for the degree of innovation and impact on the economy achieved.

ANGOTIC – International Forum on Information and Communication Technologies in Angola will take place from the 12th to the 14th of June this year.

The event will be held at the facilities of the Talatona Convention Centre, under the motto “Connectivity and Technological Modernisation”.

It will bring together national and foreign individuals from various sectors and groups, public and private sector leaders, industry actors, emerging and fixed mobile service providers.

ANGOTIC 2023 is a global event on information and communication technologies, held and promoted by the Government of Angola, through the Ministry of Telecommunications, Information Technologies and Social Communication.

The event aims to promote debate around current, global and future ICT issues, promote the sharing of knowledge, facilitate networking for government entities, exhibitors, specialists, present innovations as well as trends in the sector.

Source: Angola Press News Agency