Minister recommends studies on herbal medicine plants

The incumbent Science minister was speaking at a ceremony to present the preliminary results of campaign of projects of researchers from National Scientific Research Centre (CNIC), attached to the Ministry of Science and Technology (MINCT).

The minister said it is up to researchers to validate the treatments or plants used for cure of diseases.

According to her, the conventional medicine does not yet fully cover across the country, thus raising the need to resort to natural medicine therapists.

Maria CAndida Teixeira said that the property content and value of each plant in treatment must be proven and put in the correct dosages for such treatments.

Taking into account the current research stages, she added, MINCT will continue to support research and scientific research in the country to respond to a variety of situations, particularly neglected diseases.

On the other hand, the minister stressed the importance of research on ravines.

According to her, ravines jeopardise public infrastructure, people’s goods and cause changes in the ecosystem.

Source: Angola Press News Agency