Minister extols bravery of 4th February heroes

Luanda – The bravery and determination of the heroes of 4 February, 1961 to liberate the country from the colonial yoke was exalted on Saturday, during the central event marking the date, occurred in the Historic Landmark of Cazenga, Luanda.

According to the minister of Culture, Carolina Cerqueira, who presided over the central act alluding to the 56th anniversary of the beginning of the Armed Struggle for National Liberation, the date remembers the heroes who threw themselves in the struggle for self-determination and National Independence.

She recalled that it was on February 4, 1961 that a group of Angolans took up machetes and went to the Luanda prisons to free the political prisoners and show the world that the Portuguese colonial regime could and should be defeated by attacking with machetes and other means the Reclusion House and the Prison of Sao Paulo, both in the Angolan capital.

The President of the Republic, Jose Eduardo dos Santos, affirmed that “the date was the decisive step for the existence of the free, sovereign and independent country that is now the Republic of Angola.” In clandestine or guerrilla warfare, Angolans fought bravely. Let us be dignified and continue the struggle of this generation, strengthening national unity and consolidating the rule of law and Democratic State. “

Source: Angola Press News Agency