Minister calls for harmonisation of Portuguese and national languages

Angolan minister of Culture and Tourism Filipe Zau appealed Friday in Luanda to the member States of the Community of the Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP) to promote cooperation between Portuguese and national languages.

Filipe Zau said the objective of the promoting cooperation between Portuguese and national languages is to enhance and ensure scientific research.

Delivering his speech, at the opening of the 2nd Extraordinary Meeting of Ministers of Culture of the CPLP, the official said bilingualism in each country will facilitate the organisation’s mission.

In view of this situation, the minister proposed to those in charge of the International Institute of the Portuguese Language (IILP) – the Executive Secretariat of the CPLP and the focal points – to outline a strategy for implementation of a project that takes into account that aspiration.

The minister defended a greater promotion and dissemination of Portuguese, as a second language, which includes the recognition of the existence of other cultures and languages.

Filipe Zau stated that the community views the culture as a key identity reference and a mean to promote creative industries aimed at employment, income generation and the eradication of poverty.

Meanwhile, he said, the II Extraordinary Meeting will provide an opportunity to assess the degree of implementation of the action plan to boost the exchange.

The one-day meeting is assessing the degree of implementation of the CPLP Multilateral Cultural Cooperation Action Plan (2022-2024) and the “Operational of the Strategic Plan (2022-2026)”.


Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)