TETE, MOZAMBIQUE, Feb 18 (NNN-AIM) — Workers at the open cast coal mine operated by Brazilian mining giant Vale in Moatize District in Tete Province in western Mozambique have gone on strike in protest against the company cutting an allowance known as the “Variable Remuneration” (RV), which is a form of profit sharing between the company and its workers.

The strike broke out when workers who were changing shifts on Monday night were informed that the RV was being eliminated. This caused immediate discontent among the workers who were about to start their shift and they decided not to take up their posts inside the mine in order to pressure the company into reconsidering its decision.

The strike involves 1,400 workers. So far it has been entirely peaceful, with the strikers simply refusing to work.

The spokesperson for the trade union committee at the mine, Armando Manjate, told the media that the strike was entirely justified because the workers were losing rights previously agreed with their employer.

Manjate said the workers were taken by surprise, when the company announced that the RV was being withdrawn because of Vale-Mozambique’s poor results. There had been no profit to share with the workers.

“The information did not please the workers, so they decided to down tools until the company reverses its decision,” he added.

Source: AIM