Maximizing Benefits From Scholars

By Zelalem Girma

One cannot dispute what a meaningful and crucial impact scholars can make, particularly in today’s rapidly ever-changing times. Of course, scholars are those who have diverse wisdom and foresight, utilize their intelligence and forward-looking visions for the purpose of awakening society. They can divert the people from the unwise and wrong misbehaving towards the righteous and the good.

A person with skills and cognition has a responsibility to build his or her world using thoughtful wisdom. Scholars must use their capacity to contribute to guiding the society away from the negatively-impacting results that they imagine, not just for past miss-directed efforts, but also for incumbent and forthcoming improper endeavours.

Recently, Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn held discussion with scholars drawn from more than 30 universities, colleges and other related public institutions across the country. The discussion was aimed at exchanging ideas on the Second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II) and reach at a consensus regarding its proper implementation. Cognizant to the fact their irreplaceable role in the ongoing efforts towards realization of Ethiopia’s renaissance, the Premier noted that efforts to involve scholars in GTP I period were not that much satisfactory.

According to Hailemariam, if scholars can set their knowledgeable inputs to the national consensus, it is easier to expedite the country’s renaissance journey and implement the development strategies of the country in the due course. Scholars and researchers should maximize their contributions most importantly in prioritized sectors such as the agriculture sector which have a commanding role in the national economy. In deed, modernizing the agriculture is a key strategy to ensure equity and availability of food in the country. And the active participation of scholars in the sector brings more

On the other hand, the country’s marketing system should be free from bottlenecks in GTP II. Moreover, the industry sector need to register fast growth, and prevail step-wise transformation from bureaucratic red tape to high technological service installation.

According to Premier, scholars have a solemn the responsibility to ensure quality education and well trained manpower. They also have a responsibility to promote the overall development of the county including the promotion of tourism industry, and expand infrastructures such as power, road, potable water and irrigation. Most importantly they can play indispensable role in improving the agriculture sector, the manufacturing industry, and the health service delivery.

With regard to maintaining quality education, scholars in each university have a responsibility to create powerful skilled manpower while the government increase commitment to expand such higher learning institutions. Attention should be given to teachers to provide quality education to their rewarding students.

With regards to ensuring good governance, despite some limitations, the ongoing activities are bearing fruits. So, scholars ought to take commitment in fighting corruption, bad governance and other wrongdoings for the benefit of the society. They should also cooperate with government in identifying the perpetrators of maladministration and corruption.

In sum, as the discussion was so fruitful as the beginning, they have to intensify their roles in speeding up the stride towards renaissance. Having agreed with such commitments, it is an encouraging determination to hold biannual meetings between the government and scholars to share various perspective on a range of national agendas. It is surely unmistakable to say that the human resource development is indispensable to succeed on GTP II goals, and attain the vision to reach a middle income status by 2025.

In any case, good communication is also vital for scholars to effectively convey the country’s rightmost vision for a better society. Building on universal and timeless values, scholars need to apply their knowledge to shape, and protect the social standards and values at remarkable manner.

Of course, scholars are agents of change, especially in those parts of the world where the unfair and deviant behaviour are the norm. Thus, scholars all over the country are making impressive bestow to improve society in substantive ways.

Source: All Africa