Malawians Urged Not to Kill Birds in Lake Chilwa Basin

Blantyre – The killing of birds along the Lake Chilwa Basin which is home to both local and migratory birds has been labeled as criminal, the Malawi News Agency (MANA) has learnt.

This was disclosed on Monday by Malawi Leadership for Environment And Development (LEAD) Country Manager Benson Mphepo through an emailed response highlighting the significance and positive impact of strictly preserving and nurturing all birds including those special varieties found along the Lake Chilwa Basin.

According to Mphepo, apart from the ‘big five’ that are popular among Malawi’s tourism industry, birds’ greatly increase the country’s natural beauty and its general physical outlook.

Mphepo added that the birds also attract foreign tourists who frequent Lake Chilwa Basin to appreciate their natural beauty and how they behave in their natural habitats.

“In so doing, the country earns a lot of foreign exchange as tourists tour our various tourist destinations because of such birds,” he said.

Bird watching has become big business in other countries with tourists flocking to different areas to see the various rare species of birds.

Source: Angola Press News Agency