Malawi: Over 300 Mozambican Refugees Refuse to Relocate in Malawi

Government and United Nations officials in Malawi are helpless after over 300 Mozambican refugees refused to be relocated to Luwani Refugee camp in Mwanza from Kayisi in the same district.

UNHCR Monique Koko said she does not understand why the refugees are refusing to relocate to a camp which has all the facilities including a functioning clinic and school.

“This is a puzzle to us because where they are there are no facilities because it is not a refugee camp but a village,” said Koko.

Koko however said over 1800 refugees have relocated to Luwani where she said they have been provided with all necessities including food and tents.

She said the relocation exercise ended on June 30.

Koko said UNHR together with its sister organisation, Unicef will also ensure that Luwani refugee camp has potable water.

Mozambican refugees are flocking to Malawi following slirmishes in their country between ruling Frelimo and rebels Renamo.

Source: Nyasa Times