Malanje: Trade Ministry promotes survey of production level

Cacuso – A process of surveying national production levels in the agrarian sector is being conducted by the Ministry of Trade so as to develop strategies aimed at improving the sale of domestic products in the Angolan market.

This was said to Angop on Sunday by the Secretary of State for Internal Trade, Jaime Fortunato, according to whom, this process involves the definition of strategies and mechanisms, to identify the potential of national producers and consequently promote the flow and stimulate agricultural production.

What should be taken into account, according to the official, is what is being produced, where it is being produced and what quantities are produced, so that one can know the actual volume of production and the supply level for the market, in order to schedule the increase of production volume.

“The government channelled a plan that aims to substantially reduce imports of food products from the basic food basket, replacing them with domestic products, but to do so it is necessary to know the productive reality of the country”, he said.

He said that domestic production still does not meet the need of the population, so it is necessary to redouble efforts to increase the supply of goods and services, which implies encouraging producers with the delivery of equipment, for example, and creating marketing mechanisms for the agricultural surpluses.

In this regard, he explained, the government is working to create policies aimed for the circulation of domestic products in all corners of the country to mitigate the effects of imports.

This measure, he said, is based on the indicators presented related to current levels of production, which is still “weak” due to lack of incentives.

Source: Angola Press News Agency