Malanje: Successful electoral registration entails spirit of sacrifice – MPs

Malanje – Sacrifice and commitment by different social actors such as political parties, youth associations and churches to sensitising the population toward joining the electoral registration are necessary to ensure the achievement of the objective of the process.

The fact was emphasised Tuesday by the MPs of the ruling MPLA party for the northern Malanje province constituency at the end of the visit to the provincial registration department and posts located in Catepa neighbourhood.

According to the MP Alfredo Junqueira Dala, it is fundamental that the social actors are engaged in this process, regardless of their partisan colour and religious belief.

The MP spoke of the need to perform a permanent work on mobilisation in the municipalities, communes and neighbourhoods.

Their engagement will allow a greater participation of the population, mainly young people, in the electoral registration posts, taking into account its importance, he added.

“The strengthening of the democratic process and the election of leaders who will address the pressing issues are among the matter attracting the participation of the population in the process,” he added.

The visit served for the MPs to learn of the registration process underway in the province.

Source: Angola Press News Agency