Malanje: Over 1 million square meters cleared of landmines

This fact was announced Wednesday by the National Demining Institute (INAD), as part of its action plan for 2017.

The demining activity will cover the municipalities of Malanje and Marimba, said the head of Institute department, Marcelina Lima.

She told Angop that the projects include a cemetery in the Zela neighbourhood, agricultural cooperative and a zone for directed self-construction in Voanvoala ward.

The programme also include construction of a abstraction and distribution centre of drinking water in the municipality of Malanje and a Border Police Station in the municipality of Marimba.

The official also assured that in addition to these activities, the Institute will conduct the technical survey of the high risk areas.

Since the beginning of the year the institution has carried out 12 activities focused on the removal and destruction of 15 unexploded ordnance, including an antipersonnel mine.

The process also included sensitizing of 1,140 people about the dangers and mine care.

Source: Angola Press News Agency