Malanje: Lauca dam with increased water volume to produce energy

Lauca – The Lauca Hydroelectric Dam reservoir is retaining since Saturday larger volume of water to reach the expected 830 meters to produce electricity from July, despite poor rainfall compared with that of 2012.

The assurance came from the director of Lauca project, Elias Estevao, who was speaking to the press shortly before the start of the filling process of Reservoir on Saturday.

In previous years at this time (February and March) the water levels would rise 1000 cubic meters / per second. Now the water levels dropped 40 percent compared with those of 2012, he said.

Elias guaranteed that despite the poor rainfall the project Management Board and all employees are doing their best to try the machine and start generating energy.

The official also pledged to overcome the current poor electricity supply with the filling process of reservoir.

With 2,070 megawatts, Lauca Hydroelectric Dam cost USD 4.5 billion.

Source: Angola Press News Agency