Lunda Sul: Nation must be placed above political parties’ interest

Saurimo- The Nation must come above the interest of the political parties as it (nation) represents the good of all citizens.

The fact was stressed Sunday by the Archbishop of Archdiocese of Saurimo, eastern Lunda Sul province, Manuel Imbamba.

All parties should compete for the good of the nation, ruling for the citizen and not only for its militants, since diversity is the factor of development, the Church authority said during the Easter Sunday Mass.

He called on the faithful to pray for politicians so that they can focus their concern on the strengthening of social justice, peace, stability, and assuming themselves as true servants of the nation.

The prelate said he hopped that the general elections set for August take place in a climate of true democracy where people live together, stick to tolerance, dialogue, mutual respect and harmony.

“Democracy is not only going to the polls but also living with the difference, assuming ourselves as people capable of living in diversity,” he said.

Source: Angola Press News Agency