Lunda Sul: MP calls for unity within MPLA

Saurimo – Member of Parliament of the ruling MPLA party, Joao Cassongo da Cruz on Thursday in Saurimo called on party militants to strengthen unity and cohesion within the party in view of the forthcoming general elections set for next August.

Speaking to the press, on sidelines of the training on electoral legislation, addressed to the secretaries of the party’s action committees in the province of Lunda Sul, on 12 and 13 of the current month, the politician called for greater engagement of the militants in the tasks of the party.

“It is also necessary to reinforce the political and ideological formation of the militants, so that they can be more and more prepared and ready for the challenges ahead,” he said.

He also appealed to the party’s militants in order to demonstrate an exemplary position.

“The MPLA has a serious commitment to the Angolan people and, therefore, its militants must be exemplary and promoters of development, peace, tolerance, democracy, unity and cohesion,” he said.

The training was attended by first and second secretaries of the action committees and addressed the internal life of the party, as well as the electoral process.

Source: Angola Press News Agency