Lunda Sul: Ministry to train fishermen

Saurimo – The Ministry of Fisheries is making arrangements to train artisanal fishermen, professionalise them and thus improve their activity in the country.

This was announced Monday in Saurimo, northeastern Lunda Sul province, by the minister of Fisheries, Victoria de Barros Neto.

The minister was speaking at the ceremony of hand-over of boats to four associations of fishermen from the municipalities of Cacolo and Saurimo.

According to Victoria de Barros Neto, the measure is meant to equip the fishermen with techniques and tools required for continental fisheries.

“We want with this measure to teach our fishermen how to use more sophisticated means, but to this end it is necessary that the fishermen get organised into cooperatives first in order to benefit from the training, so they can use the sophisticated means,” said the minister.

According to the official, through professionalised cooperatives and training to use modern means, prepare their catches and add value to it, the activity will gain a new momentum.

“Fishing is a very worthy profession. We can not continue thinking that fishing is a tosque profession, whereby people can not earn a living. If you run the resources and use the equipment well, you will be able to increase your production and your incomes,” the minister told the fishermen.

The minister also appealed to the local government to continue encouraging fishing in the province, by involving the businesspeople, as Lunda Sul has favourable conditions and resources to reach self-sufficiency in this domain.

“We count on Lunda Sul province government for due support for these fishing communities, get them to grow and develop at local level the economy that improves more and more the living condition of our people,” she stressed.

Minister Barros Neto is since Monday in Saurimo city (Lunda Sul) to check her sector and evaluate the implementation of some projects.

On Tuesday, the minister is expected to drive to the locality of Mona Quimbundo, some 54 kilometres from the city centre, that hosts the main fishing project, where she will deliver ration to fish breeders and visit the technical agrarian school construction site.

Source: Angola Press News Agency