Lunda Sul: Minister donates vessels to cooperatives

Saurimo – Three fishing cooperatives of the municipalities of Saurimo and Cacolo, eastern Lunda Sul province, benefited Monday from nine vessels delivered by the Minister of Fisheries, Victoria de Barros Neto.

The minister also delivered other kits like nets, buoys, scales, hooks, lead to help increase production in the region.

Addressing the ceremony, the minister Vitoria de Barros Neto said that the delivery of the vessels and other kits is part of the Executive’s programme to combat hunger and poverty.

She added that the initiative will also encourage fishermen to continue to improve and increase production.

According to the official, the move represents the first step of a series of actions on the Artisanal Fisheries Development Plan.

In a message from cooperatives, the fishermen pledged to contribute to improving the fishing quality and health conditions to ensure economic growth.

Source: Angola Press News Agency