Lunda Sul: Governor visits Methodist Hospital

CAndida Narciso went through the hospital’s premises and received explanations from the person in charge of the work, Antonio Semedo, about the execution level of the works, services that will be available after its inauguration, in size, capacity of hospitalization, among others.

At the end of the visit, Governor CAndida Narciso expressed satisfaction with the level of execution of the aforementioned contract, encouraging the construction company to speed up the construction work.

CAndida Narciso also praised the initiative of the Methodist Church to build the hospital and called on other institutions to follow the same example for the good of the population.

Antonio Semedo reported that the hospital has a capacity for 30 beds, it has two operating theaters, an X-ray room, pediatrics, maternity ward, administrative areas, toilet, emergency ward, morgue, among other compartments, and that its physical execution is complete, lacking only the installation of the equipment.

Source: Angola Press News Agency