Lunda Sul: Defence minister unveils Chiumbue Dam

Dala – With a capacity to generate 12.42 MW of electricity and ensure the sustainability of the economic and social development of the provinces of Lunda Sul and Moxico, Chiumbue hydroelectric power plant in Dala municipality was inaugurated on Wednesday By the minister of National Defense, JoAPound o Lourenco.

The project is aimed at supplying electricity to the city of Luena (Moxico province) and to the Dala region (Lunda Sul). It has a hydroelectric plant with four generators, with Horizontal Francis turbines, two of them being 4,14 Megawatts and two of 2.07 Megawatts, totaling 12.42 MW.

For the drainage of all energy produced, it has a high voltage transmission line of 110 kilovolts, with 298 towers, to the city of Luena, in an extension of 99 kilometers.

In parallel, the project has a substation of 110/15 KV, next to the thermal power station of the city of Luena, Moxico province, with two transformers of 10 MVA each.

In the municipality of Dala, there is a substation with two transformers, with a power of 10 MVA, with voltage of 6.3 / 110 KV.

Source: Angola Press News Agency