Lunda Sul: Catholic prelate defends actions for better society

Saurimo – The Archbishop of the Saurimo Diocese, in the eastern Lunda Sul Province, Jose Manuel Imbamba, has defended the need for continual actions towards the building of an increasingly better society, where people’s relationships can mainly be guided by love, solidarity, tolerance and unity.

According to the prelate, who spoke to the press about the role of the church in the moralisation of society, this role should not be exclusive to religious institutions, but must also be attributed to the family, traditional authorities and other social players.

“For such, we need to move out of the tomb of hatred, witchcraft, rancour, calumny, jealousy, violence, arrogance, greed, among other ills that have been contributing to the disorganisation of families and, consequently, of the society”.

He called on adults, especially parents, to be exemplars for their children, by conveying values and principles that can contribute to the construction of a moral society.

“Our society tends to destroy itself because many of us still love darkness, the occult, we hurt others, we wish ill on others, because of this, I appeal to the Angolan society to consecrate their lives, awaken to the light of glory, fraternity and communion with God”, emphasised the prelate.

Archbishop Imbamba advised citizens to prosper through work, justice, virtue and allow God to be in command, without being malevolent to others.

On the other hand, he encouraged Angolans to be optimistic about the future and believe that with work, creativity, dedication, commitment, entyerprising spirit and faith they can overcome the great difficulties.

“It is necessary that each Angolan person be involved in the country’s development process, growth and transformation in all domains, because the country is an asset for all of us, so the Nation’s interests must be above the individual ones”.

Source: Angola Press News Agency