Lunda Sul: 2013/17 National Development Plan on track – Minister

Dala – The National Development Plan for the 2013/2017 period, especially concerning the energy sector, is on track, taking into account the repair and construction of dams and other power systems.

This was said Wednesday in Dala municipality, northeastern Lunda Norte province, by the minister of Planning and Territory Development, Job Graca.

Speaking to the press, on the fringes of the inauguration ceremony of the Chiumbue hydroelectric plant, located in the municipality of Dala, Job Graca, said that the conclusion of this venture is an expression of the Government’s willingness to deliver what it promised during the 2012 elections.

“I am sure that by 2025 the supply of electricity in the country will increase from more than 2,000 to more than 5,000 megawatts, which will boost the country’s sustainable development and the industry,” he said.

On the other hand, he said that the entry into operation of the new electric turbines recently purchased will accelerate the economic growth, since it will attract domestic and foreign investors to implement business in the municipalities of Dala, Luena and Camanongue.

“The commissioning of the Chiumbue dam will encourage entrepreneurs in the industrial sector to implement several projects in these municipalities, which will contribute to the creation of several jobs,” he concluded.

With the capacity to generate 12.42 MW of electricity, the Chiumbue hydroelectric plant, inaugurated by the minister of National Defence, JoAPound o Lourenco, is meant for the supply of electricity to the city of Luena (Moxico province) and the Dala region (Lunda Sul).

It comprises a hydroelectric power station with four generators, with Francis Horizontal Turbines, being two of 4,14 Megawatts and two of 2.07 Megawatts, totaling 12.42 MW.

For the transportation of all electricity, the dam has a high voltage transmission line of 110 kilovolts, with 298 pylons, to the city of Luena, over a distance of 99 kilometers.

In parallel, the project has a substation of 110/15 KV, next to the thermal power station of Luena city, eastern Moxico province, with two transformers of 10 MVA each.

In the municipality of Dala, there is a substation with two transformers, with a power of 10 MVA, and voltage of 6.3 / 110 KV.

For the distribution of electricity in the municipality of Dala, a medium voltage network and the installation of PTs have been built, in a total of six transformers with 15 / 0.4 KV voltage.

The municipality of Dala, a hydroelectric development project region, will benefit initially 320 homes.

Source: Angola Press News Agency