Lunda Norte: Military Authorities analyze conditions for refugees’ repatriation

Dundo – The Military Authorities and of Angolan and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) analyzed on Monday in Dundo city, eastern Lunda Norte province, the conditions for the repatriation of more than 11.000 Congolese refugees.

Speaking to the press at the end of the visit to Mussungue shelter centre, the commander of the Angolan ground forces, general Sa Miranda, reiterated the country’s responsibility under the United Nations 435 resolution, which defends the protection of refugees that come from countries wrapped in conflicts.

However, the military high-ranking officer stressed both countries’ joint efforts also based on friendship ties, so as to ease the conditions in the shelter centres, which are continuously receiving Congolese citizens.

In his turn, the deputy-chief of staff of DRC Armed Forces, general DieudonnA Ameli, ensured that there is a slowdown in the tension provoked by militias in some regions of Cassai and Cassai Central, deemed troubled zones by merely ethnical matters.

So, he explained that the conditions are being created to secure the common border so that these Congolese citizens may start being repatriated within three or four days.

Source: Angola Press News Agency