Lunda Norte: Government creates commission to support Congolese refugees

Dundo – The Provincial Government of Lunda Norte in a press release announced the creation of a multi-sectoral commission to provide logistical support to refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), due to the military situation in that neighbouring country.

The communique that reached Angop on Saturday indicates that, from January to this date, the political-military situation in the DRC has been troubled and worrisome, especially in the Central Kassai province along the border with Angola, due to actions by armed groups.

In face of this situation in the DRC, as from 17 March, 374 Congolese citizens, refugees, fled from the clashes in the Congolese region of the Central Kassai.

Of this number, 208 citizens have already been sent to the most secure locations in neighboring Kassai province, in coordination with local authorities, from the border post of Chissanda (Lunda Norte), the statement said.

According to the document, 166 refugees, 58 men, 47 women and 61 children, coming from the localities most affected by the conflict, are in the custody of the authorities of Lunda Norte province, near the border posts of the Itanda, Furi-3, Txumo and Muaquesse in the municipality of Cambulo, 90 kilometers from the municipality of Chitato.

Source: Angola Press News Agency