Louw urges teachers and learners to capitalise on NotesMaster

The Head of e-learning at the Namibia College of Open Learning (Namcol), Wilhelmina Louw on Monday urged teachers, learners, and parents to capitalise on the online learning resources provided by NotesMaster.

The platform, highlighted by Education, Arts and Culture Minister Ester Anna Nghipondoka last week, is receiving N.dollars 17 million in government funding for the development and distribution of digital lessons aligned with the official Ministry of Education syllabuses.

‘While we rely on the physical textbooks, we continuously encourage schools to reach out to Namcol to receive training on NotesMaster for teachers and learners,’ Nghipondoka said in a speech at the Government Communication Centre on 15 November.

Louw explained that NotesMaster is an e-learning network designed to support teachers and students both inside and outside the classroom. Acting as a digital repository of freely accessible learning materials, the platform features content authored by local teachers, incorporating images, tex
ts, video clips, and interactive activities.

‘This is a platform with Namibian content, created by Namibian teachers for Namibian students,’ Louw said, adding that the platform covers online learning content from Grade 8 up to AS level for all exam subjects, aligning with Namibian subject curriculums.

She further revealed that Namcol’s active training programme from January to April resulted in the registration of 11 000 new learners on the platform. Currently boasting over 40 000 users, the platform has trained 329 teachers and 3 837 learners at formal schools in the current year.

The goal, as articulated by Louw, is to double the number of new learners quarterly in order to address challenges such as limited textbook access and teacher deployment issues.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency