Libya’s unity government denounces creation of rival ‘national guard’

Tripoli – Libya’s UN backed unity government has denounced the creation of a new ‘national guard’.

In a statement released on Sunday, the Government of National Accord (GNA) said it considered the creation of the Libyan national guard to be “an attempt to form a parallel body to the presidential guard” it has formed.

“These groups and those supporting it are considered to be outlaws and they will be treated as such by security and judicial bodies,”the statement added.

On Thursday, armed groups mostly from Misrata located in western Libya announced the creation of the “Libyan National Guard,” to continue to fight against Islamic State militants as well as to secure state institutions and diplomatic missions .

Following the news, GNA warned that the formation of a rival guard was an attempt to lead the capital into bloody armed conflict.

The US also voiced concern saying that the creation of such a security force could further destabilize Tripoli’s fragile security.

According to sources, militias in the new guard include backers of Khalifa Ghweil, leader of the self proclaimed Government of National Salvation which refuses to recognise the Government of National Unity.

Source: Angola Press News Agency