Libya: More than 70 bodies retrieved in Sirte: Libyan Red Crescent

TRIPOLI – An official of the Libyan Red Crescent said more than 70 bodies have been retrieved in Sirte in the last 10 days.

Saleh Bozreba, the head of the Red Crescent’s crisis management committee in Misrata, said that 65 of the retrieved bodies are IS militants who were killed in a U.S. airstrike on Jan. 19 in southern Sirte.

Bozreba said the Red Crescent volunteer teams are still working to retrieve the remaining bodies in Sirte, calling on national and international organizations to assist the teams.

Sirte, located some 450 km east the capital Tripoli, has been an IS haven for more than a year before the forces loyal to the UN-backed government waged a seven-month war and took control of the city.

The fighting killed and injured hundreds of the government’s fighters.

Source: Angola Press News Agency