Leaders of parliamentary groups briefed on electoral process

Luanda – The leader of the MPLA Parliamentary Group, Virgilio de Fontes Pereira Monday in Luanda highlighted the effort that the Ministry of Territory Administration (MAT) has been making in order to reach the estimates for the electoral registration.

The MP said so to journalists at the end of the conference of leaders of Parliamentary Groups, of MPLA ,UNITA, CASA-CE Coalition , PRS and the representative of FNLA party , which aimed at preparing the next plenary session of the National Assembly, convened for March 23.

The official said that initially 9 million voters was estimated number and at the moment, the figure is around 8.3 million, reason why he considered relevant to appeal to those who have not yet registered to do so, until March 31 the set closing date of the process.

He considered fundamental that the largest number of Angolans in a position to vote can register, so that the elections may be universal, fair and credible.

Based on the information provided by the incumbent minister of the Territory Administration, Virgilio de Fontes Pereira said that until a month ago, the graph in the urban centres was lowering, but now it has risen again because people understand that the process is coming to the end.

In the areas of difficult access, the MP acknowledged that there are some limitations, given the difficulty of the MAT to mobilize the technical means to reach these localities, predicting that the work will continue in order to cover the largest number of inaccessible areas until the end of the process.

The meeting was chaired by the National Assembly Speaker, Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos.

Source: Angola Press News Agency