Lawyer considers beneficial rules on transparency

Speaking to the press, Anna Cabral, one of the speakers for the advanced training on High Leadership, taking place in Luanda, said that she will share Brazil’s experience in the area of institutional integrity at the event.

As for compliance rules (acting within the rules), she said that despite being a measure that dates back to the 1970s, it is only now being applied in a practical way.

In the same path, the deputy attorney general of Mozambique, Taibo Mucobora, highlighted the ongoing reforms in Angola, as well as the “privileged relationship” existing between the two countries.

Still on the training, which started on Monday, the CEO of the National School of Administration and Public Policy (ENAPP), AdAPound o Avelino, said that it aims to help understand the impact of corruption for the State and Angolan families.

Source: Angola Press News Agency