More than 1,100 driving tests in Maputo City and Maputo Province have been annulled because of fraud by the candidates, says the National Institute of Land Transport (INATTER), which is responsible for issuing driving licences.

A statement issued vy the INATTER here has identified the candidates concerned, not by their names, but by bar codes, filling an entire page of the Maputo daily newspaper, Noticias, Thursday.

Under the driving test regulations, none of these candidates should be able to obtain a driving licence and they must wait at least 12 months before sitting the test again.

The independent newssheet Mediafax meanwhile quoted INATTER spokesperson Vasco Tovela as sayig that the frauds took place during the multi-media written tests on driving theory.

The most common form of cheating was simply to ask somebody else to sit the test. The candidate did not even enter the examination room, but just sent in a surrogate.

Most of the fraud took place more than a year ago, and the candidates have been called in to sit the test again.

Novela said that many of them already had driving licences: this was because the fraud was not detected immediately, and so they had time to sit the second, practical, part of the test, and pick up their licences.

Once the theorectical tests were annulled, the driving licences of those candidates became null and void, and the traffic police, working with INATTER, have been confiscating them. The candidates will have to resit both the theoretical and the practical tests.