Kobs Ready to Kill Off Stubborn Mozambique (allAfrica.com)

Milutin ‘Micho’ Sredojevic’s top wish is knocking out Mozambique’s under-23 for a berth at this year’s All Africa Games.
Micho is preparing the Kobs for the return leg this Saturday at Nakivubo stadium after both sides played out a goalless draw in the first leg two weeks ago.
Kobs appear to be in prime position to advance. However, beyond the undying thought of winning, Micho has a lot more complexities to mull over regarding this team, being that he is also Cranes head coach.
“I am confident in the team, and seeing the work we have put in this week, we should get a good result against Mozambique,” Micho said. Notably, the Kobs have had a couple of friendly games stretching to 120 minutes of play this week against Maroons and Sadolin.
Micho has used close to thirty players in the process, something that has had some critics point out how unready the Kobs may be.
But on the contrary, Micho told The Observer that people mustn’t be misled by the number of players he has had to work with to think that they are still gambling and aren’t ready.
He explained: “So many players in the Kobs team are talented. But one of the key facts I have noticed is the inconsistency amongst many of them. Today, some play like they deserve to be at Real Madrid, and then tomorrow, you are left wondering what business they have playing in any village league.”
But all that, Micho added, points to the level of patience every player deserves to get to a good footballing level. Because of that, Micho explained that winning now is the most important thing regardless of which way, manner and style it happens.
He reasoned that the team will get better as long as they stay together longer in competitive action.
By this, he was following the persistent media criticism that this under-23 side has got for the poor displays in their build-up games. The lack of fluidity and entertainment in approach has been outlined as one of the team’s undoings, without forgetting their goal-scoring travails in the first leg.
As a result, Micho has added a few more faces to his team. Striker Yunus Sentamu, a recent recruit for Tunisian side CS Sfaxien, joins other forwards: Julius Malimungu, Villa Oromcan, Umar Kasumba, William Wadri and Derrick Nsibambi in fighting for a starting berth against Mozambique on Saturday March 7.
In addition, Tom Masiko has also been added having not been part of the first leg party. He, Farouq Miya and Gaddafi Kiwanuka are expected to be the midfield trident, considering their experience thus far and ability to offer the right balance between defence and offence.
However, like other winger Martin Kizza and midfielder Abel Eturude have been impressive too through their imagination and creativity.
But according to Micho, every player will have a chance in good time. “There is no reason to rush and be overwhelmed. Every player is as good as their next game, and whoever does well in training and in other games after at their clubs, will have a look in,” Micho said.
This, as a result, brings forth Micho’s other projection. In his book, these players should feed into The Cranes in the near future to allow for proper team structuring. But first, they must knock out Mozambique.
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