Kenya: Women Convicts Call for Scrapping of Death Sentence

Nairobi – Women convicts at the Nakuru GK Prison have urged the State to scrap the death sentence.

The inmates, who spoke during the International Women’s Day, said removing the death sentence from the country’s statutes will give women a second chance to go back and rebuild their homes as well as raise children.

Their spokeswoman, Nancy Soila, 39, said some of the convicts did not intentionally commit the crimes they have been convicted for and might not have a second chance to live a reformed life once put behind bars.

“Being in jail is not easy. It would be best if life sentence is reduced to, say, 20 years. At least one would [then] get the [chance] of reforming and go back to [their] children,” Ms Soila added.

The inmates also had an opportunity to interact with renowned artistes and comedians from the Nakuru Players’ Theatre as they celebrated the International Women’s Day.

The inmates danced the afternoon away as they were entertained by the thespians who had visited the prison.

Those suffering from psychological disorders received a free psycho-social session and a counselling by Psychiatric Disability Organisation (PDO) which is meant to ease the psychological trauma that women in prison go through.

According to PDO Director Iregi Mwenja, the session was meant to help the women accept their current status and free their minds from depression.

“Most of them have children back at home and husbands whom they constantly think about and this can easily lead to depression. By accepting that they are in prison, they are able to deal with the feelings of guilt due to both the offence and home sickness,” Mwenja said.

Source: Angola Press News Agency