Kenya: Solar borehole protects Kenyan herders’ children as drought deepens

TURKANA COUNTY, Kenya – A borehole dug by herders in a desperate attempt to survive Kenya’s last severe drought has been transformed into a lifeline for thousands of children and animals as a new drought hits, thanks to the addition of solar pumping and water storage.

The well has become an oasis in the impoverished drylands of eastern Africa where charities say back-to-back droughts are threatening the lives of millions of children.

Originally built to meet the needs of 12 herders and their families, the upgraded borehole now provides water for thousands of people and livestock living at the foot of Pelekech mountain in Lokore region in Turkana County.

As a result, herders can bring home their livestock every day to drink water, which they say is a blessing.

“It is usually a disaster when animals are taken miles away from home in search of pasture and water because most of our children depend on milk for survival – and if there is no milk, it could mean death for them,” said Jacinta Akiru, a 65-year-old mother of five from Lokore.

The Kenya Red Cross Society last month predicted the number of Kenyans without enough to eat would almost double by April to 2.4.

Source: Angola Press News Agency