Kenya: Government sets aside about $1.5m to mitigate drought effects in schools

Nairobi – The government of kenya has set aside S54 million (about $1.5m) to be disbursed to various institutions in the country to bolster the school feeding program in parts of the country experiencing drought.

Education Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiangi urged the education officers to monitor the situation and ensure school heads are not stressed as a result of the effects of the drought.

He maintained that teachers should not send children home and indicated that the relief food will be distributed in collaboration with the National Youth Service.

“There are areas in this country that have been affected by drought. Some areas really have serious problems. We have agreed and have also been instructed by the President that in all those schools in areas that have been most affected by the drought,” he said.

He urged the people to intensify the school feeding program using money from the drought relief program of the government so that no teacher would send a student away because of the issue.

Matiangi further explained that the Education Ministry will be publishing a list of the most affected counties and asked school managers not to demand more money from parents.

Source: Angola Press News Agency