Justice minister explains reasons for ID card printing process in Luanda

Angolan minister of Justice and Human Rights Marcy Lopes Friday in Lobito, coastal Benguela province, said that the printing of identity cards continues to be done in Luanda for security reasons.

Until 2020, the Identity Card used to be produced locally (Benguela) and picked up by users a few minutes after completing the procedures, a situation that has changed.

Speaking to the press, at the end of a visit to the Civil and Criminal Registry Building, in Benguela province, Marcy Lopes said that there was a change in the schedule.

“The Identity Card confers citizenship and nationality on citizens and its issuance must be carried out in compliance with a security procedure. It is for this reason that this change was made, but we are working to improve the conditions of access to IDs to all people,” he assured.

Previously, he said, there was a need to collect the BI by activating the fingerprint, but now it can be done without additional procedure.

The Civil and Criminal Registry building in Lobito was built in 2013.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)