Journalists must comply with standards of conduct

Luanda – The norms of conduct in the treatment of news materials during the electoral process should be a requirement and extra value of journalist in their activity, said Friday the national director for the Media, Rui Vasco.

The official, who was speaking Friday at the closing ceremony of the seminar on electoral coverage, designed for media professionals, said the journalist’s handbook on electoral coverage, ethics and deontology in electoral coverage, the electoral law and the media help prepare the elections.

He considers that empiricism, disorganization, lack or scarcity of research, rigour, credibility of information and professionalism do not lead the media to good coverage of pre-campaign, campaign and post-election campaign periods.

The official highlighted the importance of trust between the journalist and the source, to obtain credible and factual information, with public interest.

The Internet has brought about changes in habits and in the way journalists interact and communicate, causing changes in the media and their interaction with the public, in other words, the possibility of collecting news in real time and characterized not only by speed, but also by interactivity.

To Rui Vasco, in this context it is the duty of media professionals to be attentive to conflicts between the fundamental rights protected by the Constitution and the right to privacy, honour, good name or right to image.

Meanwhile, UK Embassy adviser in Angola, Andrew Ford, said that he expects this training programme to help journalists to have tools for responsible coverage in the upcoming elections, scheduled for August, 2017.

Source: Angola Press News Agency