JoAPound o Lourenco wants to empower municipalities

Speaking at the inauguration of the ruling MPLA’s pre-campaign and the presentation of its candidate for the 2017 General Election, he reaffirmed that the ruling party is not based in the headquarters, but in its local Actions Committees (CAP), hence, the strength of the country is in the municipalities.

He stressed that a strong municipality will make a strong country, because the country’s strength lies in its municipalities.

He called on the staffs to prepare themselves to carry out functions in the municipalities, while “everybody now wants to be minister or MP to the detriment of contributing to the development of the municipalities”.

“The good staffs leaving the universities need to have the ambition to work in the municipalities, because we will value these constituencies, since they will have the same importance as ministers,” he said.

The event was attended by members of the Secretariat of the ruling party’s Political Bureau, the secretary general of the Angolan Women’s Organisation (OMA), the first national secretary of the party’s youth wing (JMPLA) and militants of various municipalities of Huila Province and the neighbouring Cunene Province.

Source: Angola Press News Agency