JoAPound o Lourenco envisages robust Angola

The number one on the ruling party’s electoral list has encouraged Angolans to work to produce their own food supplies in their land in sufficient quantity and quality.

JoAPound o Lourenco, who aspires to replace Jose Eduardo dos Santos in the position of President of the Republic, as from the 2017 general election, said he envisages a national production capable of creating surpluses.

To him, Angola must have food above what it needs and reserves to be used in the event of calamities.

He believes that the country has good conditions to have abundant land and water and good climate, needing only to pay more attention to agriculture.

He considered it a “shame” that meat for the citizen has to be imported, when cattle can be raised and slaughter houses network can be extended, so that national meat is consumed.

He said that the population should eat well for health, without the need for foreign exchange, except for foods that cannot be produced in the country.

The MPLA candidate recommended that Angolans find out what is missing to make Angola a large barn, which will abundantly produce cereals, meat, fish and all other basic goods for the population.

He also spoke of the need to establish partnerships with private institutions and civil society, for the construction of infrastructures and management of social enterprises.

He stressed that infrastructures are very expensive and in order to alleviate this burden on the state, as in other countries, public-private partnerships can be created, just as it negotiates with churches for the management of educational institutions and medical care, as partners.

Also at the level of infrastructures, he said that the state can negotiate with private individuals, who are granted a concession for many years to exploit, so the country wins with that, the state (for having fulfilled its responsibility) and the private institutions as well, because they earn money.

He spoke of the need to invest in the industrialization of the country, mainly in electrification, so that the power can reach all the houses and also serve the industrial plants of the future.

The official stressed that the country, in addition to good land and many rivers for agriculture and livestock, should improve the exploitation of marine resources by investing in land infrastructures such as fishing ports and conservation systems.

In this way, he argued, it will be possible to bring maritime products, in acceptable conditions, to the citizen’s table.

Source: Angola Press News Agency