Israeli ambassador praises Cafu’s social impact

Israeli ambassador to Angola Shimon Saloman commended Thursday the role of the water transfer system from the Cunene river, in the Cafu region, in agriculture and fighting against drought in the communities.

The diplomat made the praise at the end of a visit to assess the operation of the pumping center on the Cafu channel, stating that it is a project with enormous potential for the benefit of the communities.

Shimon Saloman said the investment will bring “great benefits” soon, both for rural families who live more than 160 kilometers from the province, and for other families in neighbouring countries.

However, he defended the need to take more advantage of the investment, stressing that the population has free access to water for consumption, agriculture and livestock.

Like Israel, which has scant water resources for agriculture, the diplomat defends the development of technologies to encourage agricultural production by families.

As for diplomatic relations between the two States, the diplomat said several Angolan delegations travel to Israel to exchange experiences, especially in the sector linked to agricultural production, water and cyber security.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)