Investment in real estate sector recommended

Speaking at the closing of the National Conference on Models of Financing in the Urbanisation and Housing sector, Valentina Filipe explained that Angola already has an environment propitious for savings through collective investment organs.

To the secretary of State, it is necessary that economic agents have as basis the financial fluxes that come from the real estate sector, including those relating to the financing of public/private partnerships for the construction and exploration of infrastructures.

“The traditional financing from the state and the banking sector cannot support, nor is it any longer appropriate, the development of an urbanisation and housing plan, so it is necessary the adoption of alternative ways of financing. One of them is the mobilisation of savings through the Capital Market”, she argued.

She went on to explain that the National Urbanisation and Housing Plan can guarantee the sustainability of public debt, by decreasing the financial effort of the state and contributing to a robust banking sector.

The works of the conference were chaired by the minister of Urbanisation and Education, Branca do Espirito Santo, and focused on the financing of urban and housing projects, challenges and opportunities of investment in those projects, among other issues.

Source: Angola Press News Agency