Insurance company for full exemption for pension funds

Luanda – The country’s pension funds deserve a global tax exemption, especially in this stage where they are investing in their growth in the local market.

The position was expressed by the CEO of the State-owned ENSA-Seguros de Angola, Manuel Goncalves.

According to Manuel Goncalves, the main macro-economic indicators of performance of the insurance and pension fund sector are still insufficient.

For this reason, he told Angop, there is need for growth measures based on creation of fiscal incentives, so that the companies create closed pension funds.

In the process, the insurance companies are supposed to crate pension funds. The management companies are also supposed to create open pension funds citizens can resort to.

To Manuel Gonccalves, only this way could the institutional pension funds get their role enhanced and increment their role as a workers social protection complementary entity.

“We defend a global tax exemption for the pension funds, at a time we are stimulating their growth in Angola,” he stated.

This, he added, until later when the growth becomes real and the State free to adopt new tax policies and return to collecting in a balanced way, taking into account the needs in the region and world in terms of pension funds.

Accordig to the Insurance Regulation and Supervision Agency

(ARSEG), there are currently in Angola 17 insurance companies, five pension fund management companies and hundreds of brokers.

Source: Angola Press News Agency